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Make logistics for your next group outing a breeze when you rent a charter bus! Murfreesboro Charter Bus Company has a network of minibus and charter bus rentals in Murfreesboro and the rest of Tennessee for all events and occasions. Each bus comes equipped with the amenities you need, along with a professional and highly trained charter bus driver to take the wheel. Our 24/7 reservation team is standing by to help you book your Murfreesboro charter bus. Give us a call at 615-229-7076 for a free, no-obligation quote. 

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About Murfreesboro Charter Bus Company

Thanks to our partnerships with numerous charter bus companies in the state, we offer Tennessee charter bus and minibus rentals of all shapes and sizes. Smaller groups would benefit from an 18-passenger minibus rental, which comes with almost all the amenities of a full-size charter bus rental such as cushioned seats, WiFI, radio, and more. Other Murfreesboro minibus rentals in our network include models that can accommodate 20 to 25 people depending on your needs. Groups looking to transport larger groups or longer distances, such as road trips to Knoxville or Memphis, can be connected with a 56-passenger charter bus rental. These full-size charter buses come with premium amenities, such as an onboard restroom, and are perfect for larger groups like sports teams or military groups. 

The price of renting a charter bus in Murfreesboro depends on a few factors, such as the time of year you travel, what city (or cities) you are traveling to, how far you book in advance, and your number of passengers. Our reservation experts have experience booking Murfreesboro bus rentals for all kinds of groups and events and can give you a transparent price breakdown when you call 615-229-7076.

Murfreesboro Charter Bus & Minibus Rental

Traveling with a larger group is exciting, but it also presents a unique set of obstacles. Public transportation for larger groups is not always reliable; for example, Murfreesboro’s public transportation system, Rover, operates on a limited schedule on the weekend, when most people want to go out and about. Public transportation also doesn’t always go to the spots you want to see. And rideshares can have scattered availability or even surge fees when there aren’t enough drivers. 

But with a Murfreesboro charter bus rental, you have transportation that works with your schedule instead of against it. You also have access to onboard amenities for comfort like A/C, reliable WiFi to combat any dead zones in cell service, and reclining cushioned seats to relax. Plus, you have your own professional driver to take the wheel! Build your own itinerary and count on us to handle getting you there safely and comfortably. 

Wedding Shuttle Bus Rentals in Murfreesboro

Say “I do!” to Murfreesboro Charter Bus Company for reliable wedding shuttle services in Murfreesboro for your special day. You can rent a charter bus for every step of your wedding, from a minibus rental to take your girls out for a bachelorette party to a full-size charter bus to take your guests back to their hotel after a night of celebration. You can opt for a Murfreesboro bus with amenities to add a special touch, like a PA system to play music and TVs to play slideshows of the happy couple. Make logistics one less thing you have to plan, and enjoy your special day knowing that your guests are in safe hands. 

Murfreesboro Bus Rentals for Corporate Outings

Rent a corporate charter bus for every business need under the sun, from airport pickups at Nashville International Airport to daily shuttle into the office. Charter buses come equipped with the right amenities to encourage productivity and teamwork among your employees, including WiFi and power outlets for their devices, storage space for briefcases and work equipment, and A/C to stay cool in the Tennessee heat. Charter buses give you an easy way to transport your team members, and give you a competitive edge in a tough job market by providing you with a unique perk to offer employees. We can help you book charter bus rentals in Murfreesboro for team-building events, conferences, off-site parking, and more when you call. 

Rent a Murfreesboro Bus for School Events

From school field trips to the Discovery Center to campus transportation at MTSU, we can set you up with the right bus rental for school events in Murfreesboro. Safety is at the top of our minds at Murfreesboro Charter Bus Company. We only work with certified charter bus companies in Tennessee that regularly maintain and inspect their vehicles, and thoroughly vet their drivers. Charter buses also come with safety features not afforded by most traditional school buses, such as seatbelts and GPS tracking, along with onboard restrooms and ADA-accessible features for students with special needs. Safely shuttle your high school seniors to campus tours, rent a sports team bus rental for your college football team, and more with a Murfreesboro bus rental!

Book Your Murfreesboro Charter Bus Today

No matter what your travel needs are in Tennessee, we have the right bus for you! Our 24/7 team is standing by to answer any questions you may have. The booking process is quick and simple, and we can get you set up with a free, no-obligation quote in a matter of minutes when you call 615-229-7076. We look forward to hearing from you!